The Ultimate School App List

By Pano Savvidis in Infographics

Feel free to share and use our latest infographic, which shows some of the best School Jotter apps available in the UK and worldwide. We hope you enjoy it!


The Ultimate School App List


Thousands of student apps are being released every month and it’s almost impossible for teachers to test them all in order to find out which ones are best for their students.

To help you with this, we compiled a list of the best School Jotter apps available in the market that really help students with their everyday learning as well as schools to promote themselves to parents.

#1 The Site App

What is it?

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Homework: Beneficial or Harmful? [Infographic]

By Pano Savvidis in Infographics
Check out our infographic on the pros and cons of homework in primary schools. Teachers should take them into consideration when deciding whether homework is beneficial for their students.

Homework infographic



Homework: Beneficial or Harmful for pupils?

No homework policy has been implemented in several countries, however, some experts still argue on its benefits for student learning.

The Pros
  • Homework helps students consolidate what was taught during the school day.
  • It lets parents learn what their kids are doing at school.
  • Development of self-discipline, time management and research skills.
  • Homework facilitates rote learning
The Cons
  • Homework can be very stressful for students.
  • It drains pupils’ free time for playing, sports and hobbies.
  • Students
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Easter Egg Decoration Ideas for the Classroom

By Pano Savvidis in Infographics | Tagged Decoration Ideas for the Classroom, easter, easter activities, easter activities for children, Easter Egg Decoration, easter egg hunt, easter egg hunt ideas, Egg Decoration, Egg Decoration Ideas, Egg Decoration Ideas for the Classroom, egg games
It's that time of the year again, when primary teachers comb the web looking for creative ideas for crafts in the classroom. Eating too many Easter eggs can be unhealthy for pupils due to the high amounts of sugar they contain. Therefore, teachers can keep them busy with creative DIY crafts instead of hiding sugary chocolate eggs all over the classroom.

Let your students feel the Easter spirit by being creative, decorating their own Easter eggs. Some of the greatest Easter egg ideas can be found in this infographic:



Easter Egg Decoration Ideas for the Classroom


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Quick & Easy Easter Crafts for Primary Schools

By Pano Savvidis in Department for Education, Infographics | Tagged easter crafts, easter crafts for kids, easter diy, easter egg designs, easter ideas, primary schools, Quick & Easy Easter Crafts for Primary Schools
Easter is fast approaching and primary teachers are looking for quick and easy ideas to engage students with DIY crafting. With that in mind, we created the infographic below, where teachers and pupils can find some of the greatest and simplest craft ideas for the classroom.

Many teachers are using our Resources app to store all the great ideas, documents and images they create or find online. This helps them to enhance the learning experience of pupils every Easter.


Quick & Easy Easter Crafts for Primary Schools

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How to Design an Awesome School Website

By Pano Savvidis in Development, Infographics, Ofsted | Tagged Awesome School Website, How To Design an Awesome School Website, school web design, school website design, school websites
Schools should always make sure they meet Ofsted requirements when it comes to their website content and structure. It is also very important their school website design looks outstanding in order to appeal to parents, teachers and pupils.

A big majority of school websites look too colourful and it's hard to read their content, so we thought to create an infographic with school website design tips as a guide for schools to take into consideration when they built their own website.

We hope you enjoy it!


school website design, school web design


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Creating time sensitive content in Jotter 2

By Pano Savvidis in Customer Training, Support | Tagged adding time sensitive block, important information, school jotter 2
We have recently introduced a new feature to School Jotter 2 which allows you to make content blocks on the website time sensitive.

In the example below,we are going to create an important notice that is set to display between a specific set of dates. Here is how to do it, step by step:


Step 1:
Make sure you are logged in to the website and click Edit Page in the green bar at the top.


Step 2:
Click on Insert Item and decide which type of block you are going to add to the page. In this example, we are going to add a Read More →

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