School Jotter 4.4 is here

By Cieran Douglass in Release notes, Support | Tagged apps, patch, school jotter, security, updates
If you logged into School Jotter this morning, you might have noticed a few changes. Or perhaps not, a lot of what we're doing is behind the scenes and designed to make School Jotter run better than ever.

System Changes

  • The way we display graphs has improved in our Surveys, Spellings, MIS Portal, and Merits apps.
  • Stability, performance and security changes.


  • The School Jotter app store can now be accessed via the blue + at the bottom right of the dashboard.
Why not try a new app to enhance the functionality of School Jotter? Many are available on a 30 day, no-obligation FREE trial!

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Teaching e-safety with Messages

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged cybersecurity, esafety, lesson ideas, school jotter tips
Our Messages app lets students and teachers privately and securely message each other within the School Jotter platform, and is a fantastic communication tool. It can also be used to teach a valuable lesson in staying safe online, as we're about to show you here.

The crux of this lesson will be that you as a teacher are going to create some fake "spam" messages to send out to your class. Since these aren't real emails, there's nothing actually at stake, and the purpose of the lesson is to teach pupils not to trust messages from unknown or suspicious sources.... Read More →

Using tables in School Jotter

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged jotter tips, support, tables, website design
Tables are one of the most helpful, but also infuriating aspects of web design. They can be invaluable for organising items on your page, but can also be a bit of a headache to set up. Here's how tables work in the School Jotter interface.

You can insert tables into any regular text object in Jotter, click where you'd like to put your table, then click this button in the toolbar at the top:

How to use tables in School Jotter

The easiest way to put in a table is through the "Insert table" option, mouse over it and this matrix will pop up.

How to use tables in School Jotter

You can then pick how Read More →

Using the new Jotter Safety Shield button

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged cyberbullying, online safety, protection, security
Those of you who logged into School Jotter recently might have noticed a new button in the top right of your dashboard - a shield.

The Jotter Protect button

This is Jotter Safety Shield - our latest tool to help you, your students and your staff deal with potentially harmful or offensive content. It's a free update, included with all relevant School Jotter products, and you won't have to do anything to activate it - it should have already appeared in your dashboard!

So what does clicking it do?

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Managing and embedding calendars in School Jotter

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged calendar, events,
We've had a couple of people now ask us how to use the free Calendar feature in Jotter Site. It's a really popular feature, present on hundreds of our websites already, but it can be a bit confusing to set up, so we're here to guide you through it.

If you've ever used a calendar app before, whether it's Google Docs, Microsoft Outlook or Apple's Calendar, the interface should be immediately familiar to you, but it can take some time to learn where things are and what they're known as in Jotter.

Calendar in Jotter

It can look a bit daunting at first, so Read More →

School Jotter Tips: Adding a gallery to your school website

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged image gallery, photos, slideshow, tips
This article originally appeared in email format as part of our Jotter Tips of the Week programme - to sign up for this, click here.

An image gallery can be a great way to show off photos both of your school and events you might hold. It's a more user-friendly way of showing these than simply displaying them as image files in an endlessly scrolling webpage. Luckily, School Jotter makes it dead-easy to insert image galleries into your website, Learnsite or ePortfolio.

First of all, you're going to want to make sure you've uploaded the images you want the gallery to Read More →

How to add a new sitemap to your School Jotter 2 website

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged optimisation, school website, seo, sitemap
A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website, which is often organised into a structured hierarchy. It’s useful to have, not only for when people want to be able to find all of the pages, but it helps Google, Bing and other search engines index your site so when people search for you they can easily find it.... Read More →

Making the most of your School Jotter Website

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged good school websites, school website, school website design, tips
By Becky Cunliffe

There are many posts online about how to make a great website, and many similar posts on what to avoid; these tend to be fairly generic. In this blog I'll summarise some of the key things that, in my opinion, should be considered, and what should be forgotten about, when it comes to school websites in particular.

My top tips:
  1. Remember the Purpose - It’s important to remember what the point of the website is. Is it to encourage parents to use your school? Is it a portal for parents? Is it for students to check for events?
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The new Ofsted website requirements and you – what you need to do next

By Cieran Douglass in Ofsted, Support | Tagged governor information, Ofsted, ofsted guidelines, ofsted requirements, ofsted school website requirements, school websites
As of this month, new Ofsted guidelines on school websites have gone into force, but it's a bit confusing what these actually are. We've written this blog post to help demystify the changes a bit, and it should be helpful whether or not you're a School Jotter user.

The main focus of the new requirements is governor disclosure. Basically, you now have to put information on who your governors are, what they do etc onto your website on a publicly accessible page - previously, this was recommended but not compulsory information. So here's what you'll need:
  • Name: You'll need to have
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