Using timed content to create a term’s worth of homework in an evening

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Coming soon

Last week we showed you how to use Exercises in Learn to create and manage homework assignments and more. These are a great tool, and using some basic built-in Jotter functionality, we'll soon be able to extend it to make it even better. Note that, while you can set this system up now, it won't be enabled fully until an update in a couple of weeks, which we'll make you aware of!

First of all, for this to work best we recommend setting up a dedicated Learn page for homework and assignments - if all the objects are on Read More →

New Features Released For School Jotter

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The latest update for School Jotter 2 is an exciting one: all School Jotter 2 users now have access to literally hundreds of clipart images!

The massive bank of images, accessible through your School Jotter 2 account, includes everything from images of the Ancient Romans to seasons, arctic animals to superheroes. You can use them either as part of classroom activities - or to enhance your School Jotter 2 school website.

To access the new School Jotter 2 bank of clipart images, just log in to your account, click on My Site from the top tabs, and then choose My Files Read More →

What Do Parents Want From Your Website?

By Webanywhere in Development | Tagged discussion, features, jotter, mumsnet, opinion, parents, school, school website requirements, showcasing a school, website

Your school website is the perfect tool for communicating with parents - and a great opportunity for them to engage with your school. It means that, instead of having to pop into the school, or find the phone number, they can discover what their child has been up to, read about forthcoming events and even meet the staff, from the comfort of their armchair.

But what exactly do parents want from a school website? A recent discussion on Mumsnet threw up some interesting comments and suggestions for what would make a good school website for parents - and it also Read More →

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