Website Of The Week: Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

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CaptureAt Webanywhere we’re lucky enough to have a team of designers and artists to create outstanding designs for school websites - and Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Sowerby Bridge is no exception.

The characters in the School Jotter 2 website’s header echo the feel and the content of the website itself - little children learning and playing, and even a representation of a familiar character!

The website includes pages like the School Bus section - a lovely page detailing the school bus service and where it picks children up from. The parish church also gets its own page and visitors can Read More →

Latest Updates For School Jotter 2

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School Jotter 2 is being constantly developed, and the latest update has some interesting new features for users.

Existing users signing in now will see an updated file manager, that looks and feels easier to use. The file upload section now allows you to ‘drag and drop’ files, which makes adding files is simpler than ever before.

Plus, you can add a profile picture when you log in - making your log in to School Jotter 2 a little bit more personal!

If you’re not a School Jotter 2 user, contact us today to find out more about this innovative easy-to-use school Read More →

Website Of The Week: Fairfield Endowed CE Junior School

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Fairfield Endowed Church of England Junior School’s website homepage is bright, energetic, fun and lively. The bespoke theme option available with School Jotter 2 has given this Derbyshire based school the opportunity to create a header and footer style theme for their school website that is personal to them. In fact, it’s quite unlike any of the school websites we’ve worked on so far!

The menu is clear and simple, making it easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. One of the school’s aims is for children to ‘be active and healthy’ - this message is

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Website Of The Week: Coleshill CoE Primary School

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Coleshill Church of England Primary School’s bespoke School Jotter 2 theme really brings their homepage to life, with the use of colourful images of the school and school playground.

Testimonials from pupils can also be found on the homepage which is perfect for attracting potential pupils’ parents as they explain how they think their school is fun, friendly and a great place to make friends.

The Birmingham school have also created useful links to resources, Ofsted reports and given links to e-safety and road safety related information.

The homepage is extremely easy to navigate around with a clear drop down menu across

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Website Of The Week: Federation Of Mowden Schools

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The Federation of Mowden Schools aim to provide their pupils with an environment that enables them to develop to their full potential. This is the impression given in the design and content of their school website.

Their School Jotter 2 website is clear and simple, making it easy to navigate around. Subsequently, it’s easy for parents to find the information they need. The bright colours and professionally-taken photos used on the homepage, showing pupils engaged with their work, are also welcoming to the people who visit the website.

One of the main features of this website is the Parent page, which holds

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Website Of The Week: Watton-At-Stone Primary & Nursery School

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At Webanywhere we’re seeing more and more schools opt for exciting, engaging website designs that are a little different to your typical school website.

One such school is Watton-At-Stone, based in Hertfordshire. Their new school website benefits from an animated header, with cartoon children waving at the visitor. Fantastic! Delve further into the website, however, and there’s a wealth of information already uploaded, despite this School Jotter 2 website being only a couple of weeks old.

For example, the Friends of Watton School section has details of funds raised for the school through events and activities, with pictures of some of Read More →

Website Of The Week: Birchfields

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A picture tells a thousand words - and on Birchfields Primary School’s new School Jotter 2 school website, a slideshow of creative photographs bring the school to life.

Each photograph on their homepage includes a line that sums up the school’s ethos and aims, with colourful images showing the school, pupils and the work they have done.

The Manchester school’s website is full of great content, too: rather than just populate every page with as much text as they possibly can, there’s just enough for potential parents and casual visitors to take in, and get an understanding of what Birchfields is Read More →

Website Of The Week: Westfield Primary School

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If you wanted an example of a school website that gets across information simply but effectively, look no further than Westfield Primary School’s School Jotter website. With a clean, attractive design and with just five menu options, getting around it isn’t a problem at all.

This is is great if you’re a parent who doesn’t want to be bamboozled by content or baffled by a complicated website layout. It makes the Cottingham, Hull school look welcoming too - especially as the school building itself forms part of the bespoke design.

For those who do want a bit more in-depth information about Read More →

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