School Jotter Tips: Using newsletters, part 1

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training | Tagged emails, , , tips
Parents want to know what's happening at your school - what's the best way to tell them? In the past it was crumpled sheets of A4 hastily stuffed into folders and rucksacks, to hopefully be handed to parents a few weeks later. Luckily, your website lets you manage this in a much easier way. Two ways, in fact! This week we'll be looking at email newsletters, and next week we'll cover news items.

Part One: Newsletters

Newsletters are emails you can send out to your subscriber list. Setting them up couldn't be simpler either.

First, you're going to want to create some Read More →

School Jotter Tips: Adding a gallery to your school website

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged image gallery, photos, slideshow, tips
This article originally appeared in email format as part of our Jotter Tips of the Week programme - to sign up for this, click here.

An image gallery can be a great way to show off photos both of your school and events you might hold. It's a more user-friendly way of showing these than simply displaying them as image files in an endlessly scrolling webpage. Luckily, School Jotter makes it dead-easy to insert image galleries into your website, Learnsite or ePortfolio.

First of all, you're going to want to make sure you've uploaded the images you want the gallery to Read More →

Making the most of your School Jotter Website

By Cieran Douglass in Customer Training, Support | Tagged good school websites, school website, school website design, tips
By Becky Cunliffe

There are many posts online about how to make a great website, and many similar posts on what to avoid; these tend to be fairly generic. In this blog I'll summarise some of the key things that, in my opinion, should be considered, and what should be forgotten about, when it comes to school websites in particular.

My top tips:
  1. Remember the Purpose - It’s important to remember what the point of the website is. Is it to encourage parents to use your school? Is it a portal for parents? Is it for students to check for events?
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