Website of the Week – Aston All Saints Church of England Primary School

By Egidija Juodseryte in Website of the Week | Tagged school website design, Sheffield schools, uber theme, website of the week
This week we’ve chosen the Aston All Saints Church of England Primary School website which has been as our Website of the Week.

The first thing that catches my eye when I look at it, is the main image of students. This image appears on all pages of the website and it seems to represent the main values of the school - Caring, Sharing, Laughing, Learning. These four values of the school are listed on the homepage; a great way of reminding students and parents what the school cares about.

... Read More →

Website of the Week – Woodbank Primary School, Bury

By Cieran Douglass in Website of the Week | Tagged bury, great websites, school jotter, uber theme
This week we’ll be taking a look at a school who have clearly picked a theme for their website and then threaded everything through it. Woodbank Primary School in Bury are clearly rather fond of their leafy green visuals, something that shows up in the school’s logo, its iconography and even its photos.

I like how, rather than letting the design or even the teachers speak to the parents, the school has very clear opinions from its students, signaling a high degree of respect. The Head Boy and Head Girl are given their own paragraphs next to glossy photos, right Read More →

Website of the Week – Bowling Green Primary

By Cieran Douglass in Website of the Week | Tagged calderdale, halifax school websites, responsive design, uber theme
I think uber themes really are the future of school web design. All of our newer websites are great, but it’s the uber themes that really stand out as bold, modern and vibrant designs, while still being subtle and working on any device size. This week we’ll be looking at Halifax’s Bowling Green Primary School, as the last Website of the Week of 2015.

With Jotter 2 being three years old now we’re getting an increasing number of schools requesting upgrades to newer themes, as we saw last week with Alfreton. When you’re happy with the School Jotter software but want something a bit more modern for your front-facing website, a redesign can be an ideal, cost-effective way of getting what you need while maintaining your content in a hassle-free manner.... Read More →

Website of the Week – Furze Down School

By Cieran Douglass in Website of the Week | Tagged sen school website, special school, uber theme, website of the week
We’ve got another of our fantastic uber themed websites this week, taking us to Furze Down School in Buckinghamshire. A SEN school focusing on communication and interaction, Furze Down features one of the latest examples of our modern, accessible themes. It really does manage to capture everything a school website needs, from relevant information at the very top through an intuitive menu system to a large, glossy slideshow to really get a feel for the school.

Furze Down is certainly a non-traditional school, featuring a small selection of just over 100 pupils, but it manages this with aplomb, garnering Outstanding Read More →

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