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Now, I’ll admit, this one is a little bit cheeky - Schoolanywhere is one of our own websites, dedicated to promoting the Moodle VLE. Earlier this year, faced with an outdated, non-responsive theme and the potential changes from Google’s “Mobilegeddon”, the decision was made to redesign Schoolanywhere on the School Jotter platform, utilising our new uber themes.

We did this for a number of reasons, the most prominent being that companies should “eat their own dog food” - if a product isn’t good enough for us to use ourselves, why would we expect customers to pay us for access? This would therefore be the perfect opportunity to put School Jotter through its paces as a business CMS, to see if it could replace the old Wordpress-based theme.... Read More →

Website of the Week – Warden Park Academy

By Cieran Douglass in Website of the Week | Tagged academy web design, responsive design, school jotter, website of the week
When I first asked our consultants for recommendations for our Website of the Week, I was told that “when it goes up onto the web, Warden Park has to be one”. So when I got the notification that Warden Park was online I was quite excited to check it out - and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.... Read More →

Website Of The Week: Westfield Primary School

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If you wanted an example of a school website that gets across information simply but effectively, look no further than Westfield Primary School’s School Jotter website. With a clean, attractive design and with just five menu options, getting around it isn’t a problem at all.

This is is great if you’re a parent who doesn’t want to be bamboozled by content or baffled by a complicated website layout. It makes the Cottingham, Hull school look welcoming too - especially as the school building itself forms part of the bespoke design.

For those who do want a bit more in-depth information about Read More →

Website Of The Week: The Westborough School

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The Westborough School’s website represents their location perfectly: with a beautiful design showing a beach and gentle waves, backed by blue skies.

Having a bespoke design for your School Jotter website allows you to be a little more creative with how the website looks - but of course the content is just as important. The Essex school have plenty of content uploaded for children and parents - here are our favourite bits.

The Our Classes section breaks down what’s being studied, accompanied by photographs and, for some classes, information regarding the teacher and teaching assistants. This is a great area for Read More →

Website Of The Week: Bright Futures Day Nursery

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Bright Futures Day Nursery’s website is still under construction. However, there is still plenty of content on the site for visitors.

It’s the design of this website, however, that really makes it stand out. Created to show the nursery itself and the countryside around it (Bright Futures it set within rural Cheshire), it’s one of the best School Jotter designs yet.

In terms of the website’s layout, there’s enough for parents without the content being over-facing: with information about the nursery’s awards, the curriculum and the play areas available to the children. All content can be found in neat, drop-down boxes Read More →

Website Of The Week: Ben Rhydding Primary School

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Ben Rhydding Primary School’s website has been a favourite of ours for some time - so it’s great to return to it this week and see it’s still being regularly and lovingly updated.

The design of the website strikes you first: a beautifully-created header that sums up the school perfectly, with rolling hills, the mountains familiar to locals (the school being based in up in the hills of the West Yorkshire Pennines), and bright, bold colours.

Going deeper into the website, it’s a trove of information about the school; there’s plenty of information here that parents will love - but also Read More →

Website Of The Week: Castle Bromwich Junior School

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It’s always great to see a school that takes real pride in the work it does, in the activities that take place, and the achievements of the pupils.

By using School Jotter, schools can use this pro-active approach to engage more with children and parents. This is exactly what Castle Bromwich Junior School, Birmingham have done: resulting in a school website that’s interactive and fun to visit. In fact, we were so impressed with how good their website looks, we’ve made it our Website Of The Week.

The best thing about Castle Bromwich Junior School’s site is how regularly it’s updated. Read More →

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