Using the new Jotter Safety Shield button

By Cieran Douglass | Published:

Those of you who logged into School Jotter recently might have noticed a new button in the top right of your dashboard – a shield.

The Jotter Protect button

This is Jotter Safety Shield – our latest tool to help you, your students and your staff deal with potentially harmful or offensive content. It’s a free update, included with all relevant School Jotter products, and you won’t have to do anything to activate it – it should have already appeared in your dashboard!

So what does clicking it do?

Let’s suppose one of your students is using our ePortfolio app (though this can equally apply to any app where you need to log into School Jotter), and they find another student has written something nasty on their ePortfolio. Pressing the button will bring up the following window.

The Jotter Protect button

All that’s needed on your behalf is to enter some information into the box – the page, IP address, username and name of the person in question are recorded automatically, along with a screenshot of the offending page. But where does this go? As an admin logged into the system, you’ll get a new notification in the top-right of the page. Click it and you’ll see this.

The Jotter Protect button

Click the bold text to go to the notification centre, click Mark as Viewed to save it and dismiss the notification, and click Clear to delete it.

The Jotter Protect button

Why has Lewis been logging into our test site at 5 in the morning?!

You can click on a report to expand it, as I’ve done here. Clicking View Screenshot will show you the screenshot that was automatically captured in the previous page – note that due to technical restraints the page background will not be captured, however all text and other images will be.

What you do with this information is then up to you – we can help you to find and report problematic content, but we can’t discipline its creators for you!

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